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img_6603I decided to dedicate my blog post to the question, I have been facing for the last four months by numerous pregnant women and mommies with strollers. The question was usually the following: “Can I ask you something? Are you happy with your stroller?”

When you face your (first) pregnancy, you are also faced with choosing the right stroller. This goes something like this – first you take a step into the shop and then you turn pale from all of the alarms that go off in your head: run away before it’s not too late for you will never choose the right one in the abundant offer of the strollers (size, shape, style, colour). Your bewilderment is almost too much, but then you snap out of it, take a deep breath, as you were taught in parenting school and take the first step toward your potential target.

The main problem is, there is no perfect stroller, which would fit all moms, as we all have different tastes and needs. I cannot imagine choosing the wrong stroller, because perhaps you get accustomed to any stroller you use regularly. The final selection is the best unit of compromises and there is no perfect stroller. Just like with men. And that’s another reason to thoroughly research the selection before the purchase and consider what are your needs. Your stroller should fit into your lifestyle, your wishes and demands, and also your wallet. And which stroller did I choose?


Peg Perego Book Cross. Although it was not my first choice in the beginning, once I only started browsing through the stroller offer. Actually, my wish list included a stroller from a Swedish manufacturer and I was determined to purchase it, but then an acquaintance recommended me the Peg-Perego strollers, which have quality and style. I decided to examine the offer in person and the saleswoman showed me the collection and a catalogue with the colour palette. I soon realised one of these strollers fits very well with my lifestyle, yet I left the shop emptyhanded. I was torn.



I remember contemplating that day and night over and over on which stroller should I get. I visited the YouTube and browsed every possible video on the stroller and read several forums. It was between selecting a stroller for the casual strolls in the city or the one, which is also suitable for rollerblading, uphill walks, possibly off-road? And the scale strongly leaned in favour of the latter – the versatile 3-wheel stroller. I have been using it in all terrains and the sporty part is equipped with a 5-point safety harness; the backrest with adjustable height from the external side to the completely horizontal position; and there is a spacious basket for my shopping bags or beach equipment.


As I mentioned before, the winning stroller is the best compromise, with some room for improvement. We added the cup holder, which is mostly used as my “mobile phone holder”. The changing bag, which is standard equipment when buying a stroller was replaced with a designer bag by Teja Jeglič, and the stroller was added a counter for tracking every kilometre I make. For better safety, we added a belt, which I use as a safety catch when running downhill. Sometimes, for example, when we go rollerblading on a bicycle lane, I set up a small rear-view mirror. And this is how we created the almost perfect stroller for an adventurous mom, who is always on the go.

My dearest moms, I hope, you received some useful advice on how to purchase and how to choose the right stroller for you.

Happy strolling!


Oh, yeah! The stated opinion on the stroller is completely and solely my own. This blog is not sponsored and it does not include covert advertising, just my own empirical experience with the stroller.

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